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Summit 23
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i14y Lab Summit 2023 "Test & Validate"

Get the latest on how to accelerate time to market

There were panels, roundtables, presentations and plenty of opportunities to network and discuss the state of Open RAN. Relive your memories or catch up on the bits you missed.

i14y Lab Summit 2023 “Test & Validate” Recap

Recapping a day of lab testing insights in the context of Open RAN

To set the scene we had invited representatives from our consortium, Fotis Karonis (Capgemini) and Slawomir Stanczak (Fraunhofer HHI) welcome the audience. They were succeeded by Alex Jinsung Choi (Deutsche Telekom and executive sponsor of BOWW) as well as Shamik Mishra (Capgemini) in an open dialogue on latest Open RAN developments.


Stéphane Téral followed suit by pitching a more provocative stance on the large number of Open RAN test labs popping up globally. Be it in a government, operator or vendor fashion, he challenged the real need of all those individual labs potentially duplicating testing efforts. Concluding in one sentence he said that one stop testing based on open collaboration between all players is the way to go forward.


Global alignment between testing labs about their scope and methodologies

Along those lines, our panelists did develop on the idea of who should do which scope of testing or validation. Participants such as Julie Kub (NTIA), Simon Burley (Ofcom) and Maggie Chao (ITRI) shared their international perspective. Katja Henke (i14y Lab) joined them on-stage to complete the international lab big picture. The importance of neutral labs was equally highlighted as further need stressed in terms of closer alignment potential.


Feedback from prospective users will help build out technical maturity of i14y Lab in future

To inform the understanding of needed collaboration, we had four operators including Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone as well as NTT Docomo perceived an Open RAN leader together on stage. The operators in the consortium shared one common view that up to 80% of testing can be done together, which NTT agreed to since they had opened their labs for others in the past.


In a nutshell

Formats such as BOWW and the i14y Lab Summit are essential for building and strengthening the Open RAN community and wider ecosystem. They show us that we need to work together and share resources as well as insights to make Open RAN work for every one of us acting in the telco space. 


As there were more topics captured on and off stage, we from i14y Lab highly recommend to watch the YouTube live-stream that has become on demand in the meantime. Subscribe to the monthly i14y Lab newsletter to not miss out on further network disaggregation updates from us.

Your Day At The i14y Summit

Panels, keynotes and roundtables about the future of O-RAN
Morning 09:30 – 13:00 / On-stage Talks

Main Stage


09.30 am    Welcome and program overview

Fotis Karonis | Capgemini

Slawomir Stanczak | Fraunhofer HHI

Moderator: Catarina Cruz | Nokia; Nico Osswald | Deutsche Telekom


09.45 am    Open dialogue: Test & Validate - Accelerating open RAN developments


Shamik Mishra | Capgemini Engineering


10.10 am    Keynote: How one stop testing can boost your bottom line in open RAN

Stéphane Téral | Lightcounting


10.30 am     Open dialogue: Key insights from Berlin open RAN Working Week (BOWW)

Andreas Gladisch | Deutsche Telekom

Heiko Lehmann | Deutsche Telekom


11.00 am     Coffee Break & Networking


11.30 am     Lab centric keynote: Beyond the blueprint: The Lab-Centric Approach to open RAN Implementation

Renuka Bhalerao | Meta


11.45 pm     Lab panel: Global lab approaches to open RAN Testing & Validation

Maggie Chao | ITRI

Julie Kub | NTIA

Ryan McMeniman | DELL, OTEL

Katja Henke | i14y Lab

Simon Burley | Ofcom (for SONIC Labs)

Moderator: Bhartendu Chaurasia | Meta


12.30 pm     The i14y Lab Advantage: How can you collaborate with us for your future in open RAN

Olaf Bonness | Deutsche Telekom

Gerald Huber | Telefónica

Midday 13:00 – 14:30 / Lunch & Networking

Enjoy socializing with other guests and check out the many delectable options supplied by our favourite event caterer.

Afternoon 14:30 – 18:00 / Interactive Learning

Main Stage


2.25 pm     Academic keynote: The Promise and Potential of 6G in the next decade

Slawomir Stanczak | Fraunhofer HHI


2.50 pm     Operator's Roundtable: Insights and Perspectives from leading MNOs on open RAN and lab testing

Franz Seiser | Deutsche Telekom

Shinsuke Sawamukai | NTT Docomo

Aysenur Senyer | Telefónica

Frank Hillebrand | Vodafone

Moderator: Catarina Cruz | Nokia



3.25 pm     Open dialogue: Defending the future: The Importance of Security in open RAN development 

Carsten Rossenhövel | EANTC

Hanna Bogucka | Rimedo Labs

Moderator: Heiko Lehmann | Deutsche Telekom


3.45 pm     Networking break


4.15 pm    RIC at the Helm: Pioneering an ecosystem play 

Shamik Mishra | Capgemini Engineering

Soma Sarkar | Nokia

Timo Jokiaho | Red Hat 

Moderator: David Hutton | Telecom Infra Project (TIP)


4.55 pm     Presentation: Monetizing Open Network APIs: Learning from API Success Stories

Noel Wirzius | Deutsche Telekom, and CAMARA project


5.20 pm     Closing notes and farewell

Andreas Gladisch | Deutsche Telekom


5.45 pm      Le fin

Summit - June 15th 2023

The i14y Lab Summit 2023 took place on 

June 15th

9:30am - 5:45pm


at the Science Tech Space @ HHI a.k.a. Lanolin Fabrik in Berlin

Salzufer 15/16 

10587 Berlin


...a marvelous spot right by the Landwehrkanal in the middle of Berlin where industrial heritage meets the 21st century. 


This year’s i14y Lab Summit was preceded by Berlin Open RAN Working Week from June 13-14 2023 organized by Deutsche Telekom's R&D unit T-Labs, which aimed at fostering interaction between practitioners, corporate R&D and academia.


Topics which were discussed ranged from system security and energy efficiency to complexity management and conflict mitigation.