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I14Y LAB SUMMIT 23 Open Dialogue

Open Dialogue: Accelerating Open RAN Developments

At this year’s i14y Lab Summit 23, industry leaders Alex Choi, COO of the O-RAN Alliance, and Shamik Mishra, CTO of Connectivity & VP at Capgemini Engineering, delivered a presentation on Open RAN advancements.

About the Open Dialogue

Part of the discussion centered around three main thrusts of the O-RAN Alliance: Specification, Software Community, and Test & Validate. These pillars drive interoperability and collaboration, enabling operators to leverage diverse solutions and accelerate network deployments later creating an environment for commercialization.

“So far our focus was to develop the specification,” noted Choi when speaking about testing and validation. “But now we have to switch our focus all to the commercial and commercialization.”


Shamik Mishra’s presentation highlighted the significance of innovation points, resilient deployment, and the developer experience (RIC monetization) in propelling Open RAN advancements. The question is “how to build applications on top of RIC” in order to improve that developer experience.

“We still build RICs, keeping in mind that there is a network expert who would be using RIC applications,” noted Shamik. “But if you have to democratize that and bring in more applications, we may have to build it like a developer expects a platform to be.”


Sustainability was another aspect covered in the presentation. Shamik mentioned project BOSE (Building Open RAN for a Sustainable Environment), an initiative aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of mobile networks. Through energy-efficient design, smart power management, and resource optimization, project BOSE exemplifies how Open RAN contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.


Watch the presentation linked above to gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of Open RAN.

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