OFFICE SPACE - 1ST FLOOR Plenty of room for creativity: This part of the lab offers many workplaces, meeting rooms and a collaborative open space (for open meetings). Of course, there’s also a small kitchen with a communal table, a fridge – and the most vital equipment of them all: A coffee-machine. SERVER ROOM - GROUND FLOOR Probably the most important room of the whole lab: It provides the testing infrastructure and can host any kind of device to be tested. The Server Room is easily accessible from our courtyard and by elevator from the office floor. ENTRANCE - GROUND FLOOR Enter the i14y Lab! Our access area welcomes visitors with its large open space – that can also be used for media events (interviews, streaming sessions, etc.). A large backdrop with partner logos makes it clear that this place brings big players of the telco industry together.

The i14y Lab:
A different style of working together

Where system integrators, operators and vendors meet to collaborate

Creating an open, future-proof ecosystem: We want to establish an innovative, open ecosystem by supporting a broader framework for certification and standardization, in collaboration with relevant industry bodies, of future disaggregated telco networks. How do we do this?


By building and driving a vendor-independent environment that offers the perfect technical infrastructure and testing possibilities to all. Together we improve network disaggregation and grow the success of the ecosystem!

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