Making Open RAN ready for market

Through testing, validation, and certification we want to accelerate time to market for your network disaggregation components.

We want to help get your O-RU, O-DU, O-CU or RIC ready for showtime and put you in a position to market your great product.

Making Open RAN ready for market

Know what to test

Standardized testing for valid open RAN certification through collaboration.

At the i14y Lab we are leveraging O-RAN-ALLIANCE OTIC badges and certificates and Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) exchange and badging to provide testing, badging, and certification that makes open RAN components ready for market. 


We see ourselves as part of an ecosystem that must work together to improve the testing standards through building on real-world, market-validated, and operator-centric requirements. Through our consortium partners Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, and Vodafone we are involved in the MoU-Group also including Orange and TIM. The group collaborates to accelerate the development of competitive open RAN solutions.


And through our partners O-RAN Alliance, Telecom Infra Project, Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and ONAP we are contributing to the creation of blueprints that are the foundation of badges and certificates relevant to the market.

Showing the affiliations of the i14y Lab to O-RAN Alliance, Telecom Infra Project, ONAP, and ONF
One Stop Full Service

What the i14y Lab has to offer for you

Certification and Badging for O-RAN components are the cornerstone of what we do, supporting O-RAN Alliance OTIC badges and certificates and TIP exchange and badging. We believe that they are the gateway to successful open RAN productization. 


But the road to a badge is long, and that is why we also offer our expertise and our infrastructure as Lab-as-a-Service.  If you have your own test plans and engineers, you will be able to make use of the lab through a Test-as-a-Service offer.


Being part of the network disaggregation community, we are also open to hosting plugfests, and will share our knowledge and support upskilling in workshops and trainings. 


And because we want to accelerate time to market, test automation is close to our heart. Want to know more about what we have to offer? Talk to us, we are here for you.

What the i14y Lab has to offer for you

Professional Services

You are leading the way in developing next-generation Open RAN equipment. We at the i14y Lab have the people and the knowledge to make badging and certification easier for faster Open RAN deployments.

We conduct to verify and certify compliance of your O-RU or O-DU/O-CU to O-RAN Alliance specifications.

With Open RAN interoperability tests and badging we prove the interoperability of a pair connected via an O-RAN interface or a profiled O-RAN-3GPP interface, another important step towards getting open RAN on the road.

Our end-to-end tests and badging close the circle, validating a component from the user terminal to an application in the network and back. This minimizes the effort required for your Open RAN implementations. We are confident in our ability to provide comprehensive testing solutions for your Open RAN implementations. Refer to the test specifications for further information.

Professional Services
Support O-RAN.WG4.CONF. - Testing
  1. Support FR1 (TDD/FDD) radio downlink (DL) und uplink (UL) paths for CU Plane.
  2. M-Plane and S-Plane Conformance testing including performance.
  3. Monitor and analyze traffic over FH interface
Support O-RAN.WG4 IOT- Testing
  1. Hybrid/Hierarchical M-Plane IOT testing
  2. Synchronization Functional testing
  3. Radio Layer 3 Downlink / Uplink Performance testing
Support O-RAN.TIFG.E2E - Testing
  1. Functional E2E integrated testing including Mobility and Handover
  2. Performance testing for KPIs.
  3. gNB Security Assurance Specification (SCAS) required by 3GPP SA3
  4. Load and Stress testing as defined by the TIFG.

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