Making Open RAN ready for market

Through testing, validation, and certification we want to accelerate time to market for your network disaggregation components.

We want to help get your O-RU, O-DU, O-CU or RIC ready for showtime and put you in a position to market your great product.

Making Open RAN ready for market

How to change
the future?

From test and validation to certification.

Future telco challenges can only be solved by team effort. That’s why the i14y Lab brings the whole telco industry together: Start-ups, vendors, system integrators and international operators. Here, all partners meet on equal footing – and jointly develop advanced test automation capabilities and integrations for future networks.


In addition, large international communities, and initiatives such as the O-RAN-ALLIANCE, Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), Open Networking Foundation (ONF) are involved in the activities of the i14y Lab Berlin.


All of them are free to use the lab’s capacities as an environment to test, validate and integrate compliant hardware and software developed for a disaggregated and interoperable telco ecosystem – compatible with the largest possible group of partners and supporters.

How to change  the future?
On-site and remote testing

Lab as a Service – powered by i14y

Perfect infrastructure meets ambitious minds: At the i14 Lab we host interoperability and integration testing for network disaggregation components. Our partners can directly benefit from our technological infrastructure. We follow the principle of Lab as a Service (LaaS) and have created a modular, expandable service-structure that allows us to make the lab’s resources available through an API. This enables testing on-site as well as remotely. It is the perfect setup for plugfests as well as project-based test scenarios. 

Lab as a Service – powered by i14y

The place to test

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Want to know what the i14y Lab looks like? What it has to offer? What kind of people work here and who is in the strong consortium behind the lab? Then this is the place for you.

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