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2022, November, 17
The i14y Lab at FYUZ 2022 in Madrid

With the i14y Lab, we have not only created a test lab for disaggregated network solutions. The i14y Lab is also increasingly emerging as an important interface to the community. [...]

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2022, October, 27
Glotel Awards 2022 shortlist unveiled
2022, October, 21
Come on in, the open RAN water's (nearly) fine
Anne Morris
2022, June, 9
i14y Open RAN lab preps Lab-as-a-Service operations
Ray Le Maistre
2021, November, 10
Euro telco giants unveil Open RAN labs in Germany and France
Ray Le Maistre
2021, November, 10
Open RAN lab to open in Germany
5G Observatory
2021, November, 9
Consortium of industry leaders creates new open lab "i14y"
Philipp Kornstädt
2021, January, 20
Major European Operators Commit to Open RAN Deployments
Stephan Broszio
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2022, June, 28
i14y Fact Sheet
2022, March, 1
i14y Logo Package
2022, March, 1
i14y Logo Package