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Beyond the Blueprint: The Lab-Centric Approach to Open RAN Implementation

Learn about Telecom Infra Project (TIP)'s role, blueprints' significance, collaborative strategies, and the three-step badge system driving industry-wide confidence.

Beyond the Blueprint: The Lab-Centric Approach to Open RAN Implementation

Blueprints for guided testing in Open RAN

In her keynote titled "Beyond the Blueprint: The Lab Centric Approach to Open RAN Implementation," Renuka Bhalerao, discussed TIP’s role in developing and supporting blueprints in Open RAN deployment the importance of blueprint definition and how they want to take those blueprints all the way to making Open RAN deployment ready through a lab-centric approach. Renuka presented the keynote at this year’s i14y Lab Summit 2023, where she represented Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Meta. 


TIP, a non-profit organization based in the US and collaborative partner of the i14y Lab, is one of the leaders in fostering the collaborative Open RAN ecosystem. Bhalerao emphasized TIP's mission to unite service providers, technology partners, and connectivity stakeholders to develop, test, and deploy open, disaggregated solutions. 

Bhalerao's keynote envisions an industry guided by blueprints and collective testing. TIP provides a 3-step process envisioning a process of developing product release roadmaps, testing and validating those products and solutions, and then finally providing badging for those products and solutions for them to be deployed in the marketplace.


“This three step process is how we are making Open RAN easy to consume for the operator partners and it's all to build the demand side confidence as such in these solutions.”

- Renuka Bhalerao | Meta & TIP

It’s this lab-centric model that accelerates Open RAN's adoption, fostering industry-wide confidence through thorough testing, validation, and badging. Watch Renuka Bhalerao's keynote presentation at this year’s Summit 2023 to see the progress that has been made, and still needs to be made, by the Open RAN industry and the model for an innovative and unified path forward, as well as the steps that are being taken to get there.


For more information about the Summit and the presentations, including most slide decks and a full recording of the livestream, go to our i14y Lab Summit 2023 page.

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