Stéphane Téral's Keynote on Open RAN | i14y Lab Summit

i14y Lab Summit 23 Keynote

How One-Stop Testing Can Boost Your Bottom Line in Open RAN

Stéphane Téral’s Look at the Economics of Open RAN and Why We Need to Follow Japan’s Playbook

How One-Stop Testing Can Boost Your Bottom Line in Open RAN
About the Keynote

At the recent i14y Lab Summit 2023, Stéphane Téral delivered a keynote delving into the economics of the Open RAN ecosystem, which, at present, is caught in a hype cycle that requires closer examination. With his extensive experience as a world class telecom analyst with LightCounting Market Research, Stéphane shed light on the current state of Open RAN. While there are limited rollouts in progress, the majority of efforts are focused on testing and validation, with each organization conducting their own evaluations.


However, the cost and effort involved in this fragmented testing process remain high. To accelerate the adoption of Open RAN, Stéphane advocates for a reduction in effort and an increased collaboration among industry players. He points to Japan as a leading example, where the four major players have come together to work collaboratively. Stéphane suggests that opening up Operational Testing and Integration Centers (OTICs) to competitors can foster a more cooperative approach and help accelerate the widespread adoption of Open RAN.


To fully understand the case for collaboration in Open RAN, make sure to watch Stéphane Téral's insightful presentation. By following Japan's playbook and embracing one-stop testing initiatives, telecom companies can overcome the challenges of the hype cycle and experience improved cost-effectiveness, ultimately boosting their bottom line in the Open RAN landscape.


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