The i14y Lab: We Test and Validate

At our open lab in Berlin, we accelerate time to market for disaggregated network components. Let’s build the future together.

Network disaggregation like Open RAN relies on trustworthy testing for conformance, interoperability, and end to end. We as a neutral lab run by a consortium of three operators and many strong partners are working hard to provide this foundation of network disaggregation.

i14y Lab Team

Our vision: Openness for telco networks.

Network disaggregation is the way forward.

Considering the increasing demand for open, flexible, cost-efficient networks, the i14y Lab facilitates the work towards standard compliant network disaggregation – the decoupling of platform software and network functions from the underlying hardware using open interfaces. This fundamentally new way to create telco networks promises to speed up innovation and meet the demands in the long term.

We help the telco industry to meet key challenges!

Benefits for operators

You are an operator and would like to approach network optimization, get faster innovation cycles and access to broad results?

  • Faster innovation in broadband communications
  • Cost savings through open standards
  • Plugfests and summits bringing the industry together
  • Integration-test your own solutions
  • Accelerated testing and cost reduction
Benefits for startups

You are a startup that’s looking for a friendly, open space for testing and collaboration? 

You’ve come to the right place: The i14y Lab offers you a modern and easy-to-use infrastructure with open-source tools. Join us and network with key companies of the industry.

●    Networking with major players of the telco industry
●    Optimal environment for testing and integration of components
●    Become part of a new, open ecosystem
●    Remote testing available

Benefits for system integrators

You are a system integrator that's looking for easy access to services of an open lab?

Kick-start your business in a new, open ecosystem, and accelerate time to market for disaggregated telco solutions - via PlugFest participation currently.

●    Remote and on-site testing
●    Environment for component- and end-to-end-integration
●    New business opportunities within the telco industry
●    Future-proof Lab as a Service setup
●    Be part of plugfests and industry gatherings

Benefits for academia and students

You are a student or researcher at a university that seeks to change telecommunications with your thesis?

At the i14y Lab we enable you to work side by side with telco experts. Test innovative prototypes and document the insights in your final papers. Prove your abilities in research projects of the highest level!

●    Cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin
●    Integration of students’ theses
●    Research and exploring innovative prototypes
●    Professional environment with experts of the telco industry

Benefits for associated partners

Do you see yourself to be an associated partner of i14y in future?

Become part of an open telco ecosystem and work on the future of disaggregated networks with the industry leaders, the leading initiatives, and associations.

●    Join the effort to develop open telco standards
●    Test and improve the interoperability of hardware and software components in the ecosystem.
●    Use and support a future-proof lab for testing and integration of disaggregated telco components

O-RAN Global Plugfest Fall 2024

The i14y Lab consortium invites all vendors of Open RAN-related solutions and platforms to the upcoming O-RAN Global Plugfest Fall 2024. The testing in Berlin will be closely aligned with other European PlugFest hosts, and with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) activities.


All tests will be executed in a vendor-neutral environment with multiple test tools and partially automated test execution. The specific list of applicable tests and low-level steps will be selected together with interested participants in preparation for the PlugFest.

O-RAN Global Plugfest Fall 2024

The place to test

This is the i14y Lab

Want to know what the i14y Lab looks like and has to offer? What kind of people work here, who is in the strong consortium behind the lab and who are our associated partners? Then this is the page for you.

Spectrum Analyzer Serverroom

A strong network of partners, supporters and developers

The i14y Lab is a truly open space hosted by Deutsche Telekom, which is also leading the consortium that runs the lab. The consortium includes three large operators – Vodafone, Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom – and other strong partners from across the industry. Together we test and integrate components for disaggregated network ecosystems to deliver more flexibility, innovation, and choice for all players – accelerating time to market for disaggregated network solutions. 

Future-proof network solutions for Europe: Partly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

Together we will grow an ecosystem of disaggregated network solutions in Germany and Europe. The German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) believes in our vision and supports the i14y Lab with 17 M € funding.


This enables us and our partners to collaborate efficiently and to the highest standards. Digitalization requires more flexible and powerful networks – and network disaggregation promises to deliver this for all market players. 

Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport

Collaborate with us

Support the i14y mission to pioneer an open, interoperable telco ecosystem.