O-RAN Global PlugFest - Spring 2023 @i14y Lab

PlugFest @i14y Lab

Open call for participation ends March 10th 2023

The i14y Lab will be a venue of the O-RAN Global PlugFest – Spring 2023. This PlugFest will be focused on accelerating the maturity of products and solutions based on O-RAN specifications and verifying and validating multi-vendor interoperability and conformity to O-RAN specifications. The Spring event in Berlin is going to be supported by Deutsche Telekom and EANTC.


This PlugFest is part of the new, bi-annual schedule for Global PlugFests, which will include spring and fall events. The O-RAN ALLIANCE has decided to expand the offering due to the continued growth in participation.


This year's Spring PlugFest testing focus at i14y Lab:


  • Testing of multi-vendor O-RAN ALLIANCE-based end-to-end solutions including products and solutions aligned with TIP requirements documents
  • Evaluation of Near-RT RIC xApps in standalone emulation scenarios
  • Demonstration/Evaluation of Non-RT RIC rApps in standalone emulation scenarios
  • SMO north-bound management plane testing
  • Demonstration of RICs implementing the O-RAN specified A1/E2 interfaces
  • Verification of O-RAN based O-RU, O-DU/ O-CU implementations for Open Fronthaul functions and performance
PlugFest @i14y Lab

Key aspects of the testing event


i14y Lab

c/o Deutsche Telekom Innovation Campus

Winterfeldtstrasse 21

10781 Berlin, Germany


i14y Lab collaborative project with PlugFest support from Deutsche Telekom and EANTC

Participants expected to provide


Shipping deadline


HW delivery & prestaging

March 14 to April 14

Main PlugFest

April 17 to May 5

Report Editing

May 8 to May 26

Publication & presentation week

June 5 to June 9

Call for Participation

PlugFest and the i14y Lab

Enter before March 10th to be part of Global PlugFest - Spring 2023


All member companies of the O-RAN ALLIANCE are invited to join the PlugFest Spring 2023. You can take part at one or more PlugFest venues regardless of region.

If you are interested to participate, please register on the O-RAN ALLIANCE registration page before March 10th, 2023! Because after that date, registration will be closed.


Members of the O-RAN ALLIANCE can participate at one or more PlugFest venues. Which venue is selected depends on the testing purposes.


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O-RAN Global Spring PlugFest 2023 hosts

Learn more about your hosts for this year's Spring testing event in Berlin by clicking their logos underneath.

Deutsche Telekom AG is taking the lead in the consortium to enable rapid implementation, particularly in the German market, and to allow the results of the project to flow directly into the further development of the Group's networks, platforms and service offerings.
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EANTC, as independent testing consultancy and lab-as-a-service provider, will create and implement test methods in this open lab. In particular, EANTC will enable the automated test framework, and plans to use the project results to expand its own 5G test service portfolio for manufacturers, network operators and enterprises.
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About us


The i14y Lab is an open lab for interoperability testing of disaggregated telco systems, such as Open RAN. The lab is operated by a consortium of strong academic and industry partners led by Deutsche Telekom and supported with funding from the German Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV).