i14y Lab Hosts Third O-RAN PlugFest

The European portion of the O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2023 at the i14y Lab in Berlin, hosted by Deutsche Telekom and EANTC, has recently concluded.

i14y Lab Hosts Third O-RAN PlugFest

PlugFest Primary Focus

This year's event focused primarily on the Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC) and end-to-end testing within the O-RAN framework. Our lab welcomed 16 vendors, divided into nine combinations, to participate in a series of interoperability tests. We offered a total of 10 test combination, where in the end 7 were executed.


This PlugFest featured a wide range of test scenarios, including O-RU conformance and end-to-end tests, RIC test cases, and other use cases. One of the key objectives was to evaluate the implementation of energy-saving xApps over the RIC, enabling the shutdown of specific cells based on AI models. The event also provided an opportunity for vendors to assess interoperability with different radio unit vendors.


The i14y Lab, supported by partners like EANTC, who provided infrastructure for a subset of test scenarios and technical expertise, as well as being equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and test tools, played a pivotal role in facilitating the testing process.

PlugFest Participating Companies


  • Deutsche Telekom

Solution Providers:

Test and Measurement Equipment Providers:

PlugFest Infrastructure

"We have a very great infrastructure basis here," said Olaf Bonness, Senior Architect of Networks and Infrastructure at Deutsche Telekom. "We can provide such an infrastructure with these test tools, besides, of course, the knowledge of our colleagues."


The lab houses some advanced equipment, including the VIAVI TM 500, which is essential for 5G and O-RAN tests. Two vendors also contributed to the success of the PlugFest by providing test and measurement instruments. Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI provided the O-RAN Radio Unit Conformance Test Solution, ensuring compliance with various m-planes, including the C/U and S planes for the O-RAN.


Testing this time around went beyond basic registration and deregistration tests. Handover testing, multi-slicing testing, and other scenarios were explored to prepare for market readiness and deployment in the field. 


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