Joint European O-RAN & TIP PlugFest Fall 2022

Coming together for integration:

12 Days, 14 test scenarios, 18 solution and 7 measurement-equipment providers: That is the tally for the i14y Lab’s contribution to the German leg of the Joint European O-RAN ALLIANCE & TIP PlugFest Fall 2022, co-hosted by Deutsche Telekom, EANTC, and Vodafone at our lab in Berlin between October 24 and November 4, 2022.


The 14 test scenarios included three End-to-End set-ups for multi-vendor integration with functional and performance testing that successfully evaluated for multi-UE and multi-slice scenarios, plus three O-RU conformance test scenarios and six RIC testscenarios.


Extraordinary efforts like that can only by achieved in the spirit of collaboration, which is also central for the goal of a disaggregated future and accelerating market readiness for components. So clearly kudos must be given to our own at the i14y Lab for providing the infrastructure, knowhow, and support to make the tight and quite extensive testing schedule a success. Clearly the experiences gathered at last year’s plug fest helped make this year’s even better.


But the number of test scenarios and contributors also show the importance of coming together. For integration of disaggregated components to succeed and be viable for the market, all those involved have to come together to come to a common understanding. A place is needed for that. The plugfest showed that the i14y Lab is such a place, where you can meet other providers and players from all walks of the industry.


Now the year comes are to a close we can look forward with confidence: More is to come, and we are working hard to accelerate time to market for disaggregated solutions. And we can look back at a year where much has been achieved with a short video recap of the Joint European O-RAN ALLIANCE & TIP PlugFest Fall 2022:

Coming together for integration:

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OpenRAN Services & Platforms PlugFest Fall 2022

The i14y Lab announces the upcoming Open RAN PlugFest, that will be part of the O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Fall 2022. This activity is supported by Deutsche Telekom, EANTC and Vodafone. We invite all vendors of Open RAN-related solutions and platforms to declare interest and get involved early.


Specifically, the testing in Berlin will be closely aligned with other European hosts of the expected joint Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and O-RAN ALLIANCE (O-RAN) PlugFest.


During the event, participating vendors will get the opportunity to validate the market readiness of their individual solutions, and to explore multi-vendor interoperability. The tests will be based on O-RAN and TIP test specifications. We will take technical priorities provided by the OpenRAN MoU Group of European service providers into account as well.


All tests will be executed in a vendor-neutral environment with multiple test tools and partially automated test execution.


The PlugFest will be based on O-RAN and TIP test specifications and plans customized for this session. The specific list of applicable tests and low-level steps will be selected together with interested participants in preparation of the PlugFest.

Participation Benefits
  • Opportunity to integrate and test Open RAN-based solutions in a multi-vendor environment
  • Address advanced O-RAN and TIP test scenarios, aiming to go beyond the proven basics and close the gap to production readiness
  • Professional planning, execution, and documentation in a hybrid lab environment, enabling remote testing and reducing the participation overhead
  • Automated, efficient test execution with reduced manual intervention, accelerating the testing process
  • Alignment of test coverage and results across service providers co-hosting the PlugFest, which opens opportunity to showcase solution readiness to operators and O-RAN ALLIANCE as well as TIP audiences
High Level Test Scope

The detailed test coverage will be derived from existing O-RAN and TIP test plans, customized with interested parties and European co-hosts in June and July 2022, and test cases / combinations will be selected based on implementation support.


  • Verification of O-RAN based O-RU, O-DU/ O-CU implementations for Open Fronthaul functions and performance
  • OpenFH transport equipment testing, including PTP/ SyncE clock synchronization performance
  • Testing of multi-vendor O-RAN Alliance-based end-to- end solutions including products and solutions aligned with TIP requirements documents
  • Demonstration of RICs implementing the O-RAN specified A1/E2 interfaces
  • Evaluation of Near-RT RIC xApps in standalone emulation scenarios
  • Validation and demonstration of Cloud Architecture and Deployment Scenarios (CADS) for all O-RAN architecture components
  • SMO north-bound management plane testing


New or improved test cases that are developed as part of this event will be upstreamed to the respective SDO.

Kindly note

Key aspects of the event


i14y Lab

Deutsche Telekom Innovation Campus, Berlin, Germany


i14y Lab Collaborative Project with PlugFest support from Deutsche Telekom and EANTC

Invited participants expected to provide

O-RU, O-DU, O-CU near-RT or non-RT RIC; SMO, xApps, rApps; test and measurement-equipment; cloud platforms and acceleration solutions

Shipping Deadline

September 30


September 12 to October 14

Main PlugFest

October 24 to November 4

Report Editing



Mid December 2022 following O-RAN planning

Update 1

First few days

Although we are only a few days into the PlugFest, several tests have already been completed. Before each completed test and those still on the list, the sense of tension and suspense among those who have worked for weeks on the scenarios and devices that can now finally be tested is palpable. In this, the participants appreciate the extraordinarily collegial atmosphere and the good preparation by the i14y Lab. Joint testing and the chance to meet up in person enable special moments of exchange that remote single tests lack.

Update 2

Going into week 1

The get-together on the evening of October 25th offered the opportunity for meeting participants beyond the work focused on testing and all the detailed technical discussions. In a relaxed atmosphere the engineers met for a drink and Austrian specialties on offer from the food truck. We saw people reunited who had met many times over many projects over the years, sharing their stories, who still could not stop talking about the things that had brought them to the lab this time around. In other words, we could see the Open RAN community alive and well - enjoying their company and never stopping to search for solutions.

We wish all participants great success with their upcoming test cases and we cannot wait to see the final results.

Update 3

Wrapping up week 2

The Joint European O-RAN & TIP PlugFest Fall 2022 is officially one in the books.


This would not have been possible without the support of our consortium members Deutsche Telekom, EANTC and Vodafone, which hosted on our premises here in Berlin.


Thank you to every participating company which sent their technical representatives to meet with us on-site or took the chance to test remotely.


Yours truly,

i14y Lab operations team