News digest | Q1 '23

Have we met before? #opentogether


We thought you might be interested in hearing about what we are up to in terms of upcoming events and other interesting things that have to do with our mission: to accelerate time to market for disaggregated network components.

MWC 2023 hustle & bustle

As we are all about network disaggregation we noticed that:

1. ORAN is on the rise – we’ve seen many new offerings, quite a few that are focused on private networks. Which brings us to the second point:

2. There is work to be done to make it viable for carriers. Which is why we at the i14y Lab work on making that possible. Stay tuned for more on the how and what soon.

3. It was as busy, crowded, and noisy as ever before the pandemic. Great fun, in other words.

Head over to i14y Lab at MWC 2023 on our website to watch hour MWC 23 mission recap and see a few impressions.  

O-RAN Spring PlugFest 2023

This PlugFest will be focused on accelerating the maturity of products and solutions based on O-RAN specifications and verifying and validating multi-vendor interoperability and conformity to O-RAN specifications.

The spring event @i14y in Berlin will be supported by Deutsche Telekom and EANTC. We have the latest on that on our website at PlugFest @i14y Lab

Rimedo Labs joins i14y Lab as Associated Partner

They will provide xApp/rApp provisioning and look after integrating various RICs (including SEP, SDRAN, cRIC/dRIC, and others) and devices. Some of the considered xApps/rApps include mMIMO optimization and power/energy saving.

Read all about it at Rimedo Labs joins i14y Lab as associated partner

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