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Rimedo Labs joins i14y Lab as Associated Partner

Rimedo Labs joins i14y Lab as Associated Partner


i14y Lab would like to enable more efficient testing and faster troubleshooting in its LaaS (Lab as a Service) efforts after hosting two PlugFests. Thus, we intend to leverage our ecosystem by drawing in broader expertise from our industry and beyond.


Therefore, we are happy to announce Rimedo Labs onboard our cohort of Associated Partners. Rimedo will provide xApp/rApp provisioning and look after integrating various RICs (including SEP, SDRAN, cRIC/dRIC, and others) and devices. Some of the considered xApps/rApps include mMIMO optimization and power/energy saving.

"With Rimedo Labs being an i14y Lab associated partner, we are excited to evolve our software solutions and concepts to focus on the industry needs and contribute to the O-RAN market."
Marcin Dryjanski
CEO, Rimedo Labs


Participation in testbed activities and experimenting in real RIC-app configurations, including security aspects, by providing xApps/rApps is expected to take place via software and licenses. Moreover, the agreement includes the suggestion and provision of “use cases” plus the contribution of test plans and their automation solutions.


On top, the joint collaboration is going to include work on the emulation software, as well as studies and experiments for conflict management in the RIC/global optimization. With this latest move, we believe in setting the right step forward and are setting the pace to go further than we would be able to alone. Stay tuned for what else is to come in 2023! #opentogether


About Rimedo Labs

Rimedo Labs specializes in providing high-quality consulting, implementation, and R&D services in the field of modern wireless systems currently focusing on open RAN, 5G, and beyond. Rimedo Labs is an O-RAN software provider delivering customized xApps and rApps for RAN Intelligent Controllers.


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