Summit 22



Breakout sessions from 5G Garage and Library added.

Recapping the day

Roundabout 170 participants with the majority from Germany and Europe and the furthest ones joining from Taiwan came together to experience first hand what the team around i14y had put together on the topic of interoperability within almost three months of preparation. 


Vendors, integrators and regulators as well as representatives from the i14y Lab consortium, BMDV and project executing organization TUV Rheinland visited this first of a kind knowledge sharing event.


Attendees were able to join three different streams that ran in parallel to not only learn about the various open communities that are going to find a home within i14y Lab, but first and foremost heard from i14y partners and their commitment to make the public private funded venture a joint success. 

Our i14y consortium partner and open ecosystem line-up:

Morning 10:00 – 13:00 / Interactive learning

Main Stage


  • 10.00 am     Welcome by Alex Choi, SVP and Head of T-LABS | Deutsche Telekom
  • 10.15 am     Opening flashlight: Accelerating network disaggregation
    Fotis Karonis, Exec VP, Group leader 5G & Edge Computing | Capgemini
  • 10.45 am     What is Open RAN all about? 
    Petr Ledl, VP, Chief O-RAN Architect | Deutsche Telekom
  • 11.15 am     TIP Release Plans & Testing
    David Hutton, Chief Engineer | Telecom Infra Project
  • 11.45 am     How open Communities accelerate disaggregation and the growth of open source hardware designs
    Steve Helvie, VP Channel Development | Open Compute Project
  • 12.15 pm     How i14y Lab is meant to Support Various Test Types | Scenarios & Activities 
    Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director & Co-Founder | EANTC 
    Ranganai Chaparadza, Senior Consultant | Capgemini Enginieering


5G Garage


  • 10.45 am     Broader Ecosystem: 5G Berlin
    Alfons Mittermaier, Managing Director | highstreet technologies
  • 11.15 am     Don’t worry about ORAN security – ETSI has other headaches
    Jean Pierre Seifert, Professor for Computer & Communication Security | TU Berlin
  • 11.45 am     Disaggregation & Digital Twinning 
    Heiko Lehmann, Senior Expert Machine Learning | Deutsche Telekom 
  • 12.15 pm     Automated network configuration with gitlab-ci in the i14y lab 
    Hagen Woesner, Co-Founder & CEO | BISDN




  • 10.45 am     Power savings and optimization in Open RAN networks

    Martin Kasparick, Head of Signal and Information Processing Group | FhG HHI

  • 11.15 am     RAN Intelligence Controller for near real-time use cases 

    Jani Lammi, Head of Small Cell Sales | Nokia

  • 11.45 am     5 reasons why European operators signed the MoU on Open RAN

    Holger Erkens, Senior Partner Manager | Deutsche Telekom

  • 12.15 pm     TIP Academy 

    John Pudney, Global Sales Manager | Telecom Infra Project 


All day


  • Guided i14y Lab tour + info booth
  • Demos and posters provided by consortia partners and more
Midday 13:00 – 14:00 / Lunch & networking

Enjoy socializing with other guests and check out the many options supplied by our caterer.

Afternoon 14:00 – 17:00 / Onstage talks

Main Stage


  • 2.00 pm     Lab inauguration by Consortium Lead + BMDV 

    Franz Seiser, VP and executive lead for Access Disaggregation | Deutsche Telekom 
    Stefan Schnorr, State Secretary | BMDV

  • 2.15 pm     Keynote | What is the i14y Lab about?

    Andreas Gladisch, VP Emerging Technologies | Deutsche Telekom 

  • 2.30 pm     Keynote | Testing, Automation and Intelligent Apps in the context of RAN disaggregation

    Shamik Mishra, CTO Connectivity & VP | Capgemini Engineering

  • 3.00 pm     Panel | Cooperation is Key: Academia & Open Ecosystem

    David Hutton, Chief Engineer | Telecom Infra Project
    Alex Choi, COO | O-RAN ALLIANCE
    Ranny Haiby, CTO Networking & Edge | Linux Foundation
    Slawomir Stanczak, Head of Wireless Communications and Networks Department | FhG HHI 
    moderation by Katja Henke | Deutsche Telekom

  • 3.30 pm     Bio Break
  • 3.45 pm     Roundtable | The Economic Importance of Disaggregation

    Franz Seiser, VP and executive lead for Access Disaggregation | Deutsche Telekom 
    Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO & Founder | IS Wireless 
    James Grayling, Head of ORAN Product Integration and Performance | Vodafone  
    Boris Maurer, Europe Communication and Media Industry Lead | Accenture
    moderation Ray Le Maistre, Editorial Director | 

  • 4.15 pm     Keynote | Promoting an Open RAN Ecosystem in Germany and Europe
    Alexandra Mause, Head of Division, Technology Promotion | BMDV
  • 4.30 pm     Roundtable | The Need for a European Ecosystem
    Eusebio Felguera-Garrido, Head of Internet Public Policy | Telefonica

    Alexandra Mause, Head of Division, Technology Promotion | BMDV 
    Jonne Soininen, Head of Open Source Initiatives | Nokia
    moderation Peter Fintl, Director Technology & Innovation | Capgemini Engineering 

  • 5.00 pm     Wrap Up | Closing notes & farewell 

    Andreas Gladisch, VP Emerging Technologies | Deutsche Telekom

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