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Our i14y consortium partner and open ecosystem line-up:
Morning 10:00 – 13:00 / Interactive learning

Main Stage


  • 10.00 am     Welcome by Alex Choi, SVP and Head of T-LABS | Deutsche Telekom
  • 10.15 am     Opening flashlight: Accelerating network disaggregation
    Fotis Karonis, Exec VP, Group leader 5G & Edge Computing | Capgemini
  • 10.45 am     What is Open RAN all about? 
    Petr Ledl, VP, Chief O-RAN Architect | Deutsche Telekom
  • 11.15 am     TIP Release Plans & Testing
    David Hutton, Chief Engineer | Telecom Infra Project
  • 11.45 am     How open Communities accelerate disaggregation and the growth of open source hardware designs
    Steve Helvie, VP Channel Development | Open Compute Project
  • 12.15 pm     How i14y Lab is meant to Support Various Test Types | Scenarios & Activities 
    Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director & Co-Founder | EANTC 
    Ranganai Chaparadza, Senior Consultant | Capgemini Enginieering


5G Garage


  • 10.45 am     Broader Ecosystem: 5G Berlin
    Alfons Mittermaier, Managing Director | highstreet technologies
  • 11.15 am     Don’t worry about ORAN security – ETSI has other headaches
    Jean Pierre Seifert, Professor for Computer & Communication Security | TU Berlin
  • 11.45 am     Disaggregation & Digital Twinning 
    Heiko Lehmann, Senior Expert Machine Learning | Deutsche Telekom 
  • 12.15 pm     Automated network configuration with gitlab-ci in the i14y lab 
    Hagen Woesner, Co-Founder & CEO | BISDN




  • 10.45 am     Power savings and optimization in Open RAN networks

    Martin Kasparick, Head of Signal and Information Processing Group | FhG HHI

  • 11.15 am     RAN Intelligence Controller for near real-time use cases 

    Jani Lammi, Head of Small Cell Sales | Nokia

  • 11.45 am     5 reasons why European operators signed the MoU on Open RAN

    Holger Erkens, Senior Partner Manager | Deutsche Telekom

  • 12.15 pm     TIP Academy 

    John Pudney, Global Sales Manager | Telecom Infra Project 


All day


  • Guided i14y Lab tour + info booth
  • Demos and posters provided by consortia partners and more
Midday 13:00 – 14:00 / Lunch & networking

Enjoy socializing with other guests and check out the many options supplied by our caterer.

Afternoon 14:00 – 17:00 / Onstage talks

Main Stage


  • 2.00 pm     Lab inauguration by Consortium Lead + BMDV 

    Franz Seiser, VP and executive lead for Access Disaggregation | Deutsche Telekom 
    Stefan Schnorr, State Secretary | BMDV

  • 2.15 pm     Keynote | What is the i14y Lab about?

    Andreas Gladisch, VP Emerging Technologies | Deutsche Telekom 

  • 2.30 pm     Keynote | Testing, Automation and Intelligent Apps in the context of RAN disaggregation

    Shamik Mishra, CTO Connectivity & VP | Capgemini Engineering

  • 3.00 pm     Panel | Cooperation is Key: Academia & Open Ecosystem

    David Hutton, Chief Engineer | Telecom Infra Project
    Alex Choi, COO | O-RAN ALLIANCE
    Ranny Haiby, CTO Networking & Edge | Linux Foundation
    Slawomir Stanczak, Head of Wireless Communications and Networks Department | FhG HHI 
    moderation by Katja Henke | Deutsche Telekom

  • 3.30 pm     Bio Break
  • 3.45 pm     Roundtable | The Economic Importance of Disaggregation

    Franz Seiser, VP and executive lead for Access Disaggregation | Deutsche Telekom 
    Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO & Founder | IS Wireless 
    James Grayling, Head of ORAN Product Integration and Performance | Vodafone  
    Boris Maurer, Europe Communication and Media Industry Lead | Accenture
    moderation Ray Le Maistre, Editorial Director | 

  • 4.15 pm     Keynote | Promoting an Open RAN Ecosystem in Germany and Europe
    Alexandra Mause, Head of Division, Technology Promotion | BMDV
  • 4.30 pm     Roundtable | The Need for a European Ecosystem
    Eusebio Felguera-Garrido, Head of Internet Public Policy | Telefonica

    Alexandra Mause, Head of Division, Technology Promotion | BMDV 
    Jonne Soininen, Head of Open Source Initiatives | Nokia
    moderation Peter Fintl, Director Technology & Innovation | Capgemini Engineering 

  • 5.00 pm     Wrap Up | Closing notes & farewell 

    Andreas Gladisch, VP Emerging Technologies | Deutsche Telekom

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