SMO: What does it mean?


Service Management and Orchestration System - it provides management functionalities such as fault monitoring, performance assurance, trace, file, SW management, communication monitoring, PNF handling (start-up, registration, ...), VNF handling (instantiation, termination, scaling, ...). The Non-RT RIC is seen as part of the SMO]. The SMO is connected to the managed nodes via the O1 interface. It is also connected to the O-RU via the Open FH MP interface to support O-RU management in the hybrid model. In the case of the hierarchical model, only the Open FH MP interface is used between the O-RU and O-DU or BBU (connected to SMO via O1). Not explicitly shown in the functional view is the O2 interface between SMO and O-Cloud to support O-RAN VNFs.


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