Open RAN at make-or-break plateau
This i14y Lab webinar takes a look at the urgent need for central testing, validation, and certification to bolster the commercial development of open RAN.

During his presentation Stéphane Téral will share his insights on how the open RAN market is currently performing, how this compares to the money spent on testing and validation, and what a future model could be. 

Open RAN at make-or-break plateau
An i14y Lab webinar
Stéphane Téral on how to create a sustainable open RAN market

With over 33 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including 26 years in Silicon Valley, Stéphane Téral is regarded as one of the top analysts in his field. He specializes in next-generation mobile infrastructure including 5G and 6G.  


His look at the state of the open RAN industry will show the consequences of parallel testing and validation efforts all over the globe that are obstructing the creation of a sustainable commercial open RAN market and will also offer clear advice on the way forward.

HEAD'S UP - DEC 5 2023: We here at i14y decided to postpone the start of our webinar format until 2024.


We would like to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to engage with us and our upcoming speakers, thus believe rescheduling it to beginning of 2024 serves the community a better purpose. Enjoy the holidays and season's greetings from all of us here in Berlin. 

NB: Please also take note that this webinar will be recorded, and that the recording will be published on our website and our YouTube channel. By participating in the live webinar, you are consenting to be recorded. 

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