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AirHop awarded TIP Silver Badge in tests conducted at i14y Lab

AirHop awarded TIP Silver Badge in tests conducted at i14y Lab

AirHop Communications’ rApp was awarded a TIP (Telecom Infra Project) Silver badge after tests done at the i14y Lab based on stringent test requirements provided by Deutsche Telekom and test scenarios defined by TIP. The rApp was tested as part of a multivendor implementation for an essential RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) optimization use case (use case 11 5G Physical Cell Identifier (PCI) optimization).

AirHop awarded TIP Silver Badge in tests conducted at i14y Lab


Holger Erkens, Senior Partner Manager at Deutsche Telekom, notes that “operators demand a rigorous process for awarding of trustworthy badges based on reliable assessment and decision-making on open RAN components. This TIP Silver Badge was awarded based on a stringent review and assessment at i14Y Lab according to Deutsche Telekom requirements as input to the TIP badging process.


We view this activity as a starting point for further industry measures to raise the benefits of compliance testing and badge comparability and reliability of results. This will help to minimize the integration complexity of open RAN solutions going forward.”


The i14y Lab was happy to have provided the infrastructure and support to make this TIP Silver badge testing campaign a success. For us, this is one more step towards our goal of accelerating time to market for open RAN components. 


“We believe that robust testing and certification/badging is the way forward to making open RAN a success by minimizing the testing and integration effort in deploying the solutions. That is why projects like this are so important to furthering this cause,” adds i14y Lab lead Andreas Gladisch.


All the details of what was tested, how it was tested, and even a schematic of how the setup at the i14y Lab looked like you can find in the TIP-DT-Juniper-Airhop-TIP RIA-Certification technical paper freely available on the TIP website.

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