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2022 - the first i14y year in review
Lab milestones in 2022

i14y events from inception to current status quo

After Katja talked about our Lab achievements in the most recent episode of our #TEACEMBER podcast series, we have taken the time to visualize those personal milestones.

The official grant from BMDV was handed over with a representative from each consortium member in Berlin at a November 2021 event. Simultaneously, the PlugFest 2021 was hosted by i14y Lab for the very first time. For a short period of time we were out of office to recharge over Christmas and New Year's.

We started the new year at Mobile World Congress 2022 in February to present our idea to the outside world for the very first time. The market responded positively, and we furthered our image with the very first i14y Lab Summit in June. It's been a hectic year, as the infrastructure has been built out at i14y with the same breathe of pace. Going into autumn the technical teams were very busy setting up the requirements for the PlugFest 2022, whilst the biz teams were out and about at Fyuz in Madrid


Take a look and let us know what your highlight of 2022 was. Our DMs are open ...