The i14y Lab at FYUZ 2022 in Madrid


i14y Lab at FYUZ 2022


With i14y Lab, we have not only created a testing facility for disaggregated network solutions. Moreover, we’re increasingly emerging as social glue and important interface for a livelier exchange within the Open RAN community in Berlin and beyond.


In this sense, we decided it is imperative for us as a team at i14y to show that the ecosystem at play is dear and near to our hearts. An important building block was taking part in and creating a presence for FYUZ 2022 in Madrid the other week.


During Fyuz we were able to touch base with some of the visiting 1,400 delegates, and show them which new opportunities will be possible for users in future as we progress setting up the infrastructure at i14y. In a nutshell, what did we achieve ?


  • Consistent visibility & credibility


On the one hand, we were able to tell our story around our specific activities to a dedicated audience in a 1-on-1 setting.


  • Strong consortium and team play


On the other one, it was essentially a team building exercise to strengthen the spirit and trust amongst the consortium members of the i14y Lab after a year full of virtual meetings.


  • Collaboration & associated partner requests

Many vendors, startups and system integrators stopped by to discuss testing possibilities and involvement as users or associated partners.


All in all, we thought Fyuz participation was a delectable opportunity to exchange on all things disaggregration over street food market delicacies in the three days in Madrid. Thus, we’re already looking forward to the 2023 rendition.


Thank you to everyone involved at O-RAN ALLIANCE and TIP for providing this platform in the first place. Find attached some more impressions of Fyuz 2022:

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