Reflecting on a Year of Achievements and Innovation at i14y Lab 2023

Reflecting on a Year of Achievements and Innovation at i14y Lab

As we approach the end of the year, we sat down with Andreas Gladisch, VP of Emerging Technologies at Deutsche Telekom, to look back on the accomplishments and progress we made at i14y Lab. In 2023, Andreas notes that the lab took significant strides in advancing open RAN technology, fostering collaboration, and setting the stage for a transformative 2024. Here are more of his thoughts:

Reflecting on a Year of Achievements and Innovation at i14y Lab

PlugFests: Elevating Efficiency and Interoperability


Our commitment to open RAN was evident in the two PlugFests hosted this year. We not only increased efficiency in setup and execution but also created a dynamic environment for collaboration. The Fall PlugFest, hosted at i14y Lab in Berlin, saw participation from 16 vendors. Among the highlights were the successful completion of 12 test scenarios, with a strong focus on O-RAN end-to-end interoperability and network optimization. Notably, 70% of all network optimization scenarios were executed.


Basic Setup and Automation: Pioneering Efficiency


The year marked a significant leap in our basic setup and automation capabilities. The integration of new RF switches and advanced test systems enabled us to increase the efficiency of our PlugFests compared to previous years. This progress not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced the ecosystem, contributing to a more robust and dynamic testing environment.

Ecosystem Development: Growing Together


Embracing the spirit of collaboration, we witnessed rapid growth in our ecosystem. Becoming an official O-RAN member was a key milestone, solidifying our commitment to open RAN development. Our collaborations with esteemed open RAN labs globally, including SONIC lab in the UK and ITRI in Taiwan, signify a united effort in addressing the evolving needs of the ecosystem.


Permanent Test Configurations: Paving the Way for Certification


Another achievement was the realization of our first permanent test setups, leveraging the technology of our partners Capgemini and Nokia. These advancements position us to issue O-RAN certificates, badges, and TIP badges, establishing a framework for recognizing excellence in the open RAN community. In January, we are set to introduce our first prototypical badging, marking a milestone in our commitment to quality and innovation.

Looking Ahead to 2024: Unveiling New Horizons


As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, our sights are set on an even more promising 2024. We aim to further strengthen our position as a hub for innovation and collaboration. Anticipate advancements in technology, expanded partnerships, and a continued commitment to setting the standards for open RAN development. 


Here's to a successful year and an even brighter future in 2024!


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