Packed guided tours of our lab for Open RAN World

Packed guided tours of our lab for Open RAN World

Whenever we can, we like to open our doors to those in the open RAN business and show them around our facilities. We love these opportunities to connect and keep the conversation surrounding disaggregation and interoperability going. And the day before the 2023 rendition of Open RAN World here in Berlin was a perfect opportunity for that.

Packed guided tours of our lab for Open RAN World

And sure enough, there were so many bookings we had to split them up into three groups. Having that many people from all over the industry on a tour of our lab set the stage for some very interesting discussions about where open RAN is at and what the future holds. 


Vendors, regulators and operators alike were interested in our processes and how we plan to scale in the years to come.

It is after all our mission to address these pain points and accelerate time to market by working on common standards. Providing a robust and useful certification regime was deemed essential and supported by independent bodies.


Many follow up questions at the event touched on the future of open RAN and implementation in brownfield networks for instance. In general, some felt uncertain as to the reliability during scale up, but also voiced current challenges in regards to automation and its energy efficiency.

We loved the opportunity to connect with the ecosystem and keep the momentum going. At the end of the day it was a great day of showing people around and discussing these issues moving the industry.


If you also want to come and have a look at our lab - talk to us about the questions that move you. The next opportunity will be at our Summit event on June 15th - sign up here.