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The i14y Lab is an open testing ground where major players of the telco industry join forces – hosted by Deutsche Telekom, promoted by a consortium of partners that includes the who is who of the international open ecosystem community. Their combined know how, skills and funding turns the i14y Lab into a powerful place for co-development and testing processes.

i14y Lab - Meet the operational team

Enthusiastic about the power of open collaboration

We firmly believe that interoperable, open networks and the rising demand for them comes in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Hence, our internal teams do reflect this diversity best they can themselves: the broad variety of seniority paired with multiple different backgrounds ranging from business to tech including six different nationalities, who all work seamingly together either on-site or remote is what makes i14y Lab a truly open and inspirational space for collaboration.


Currently, we seek for those starting their work life early through apprenticeships as well as assignments in the form of the trainee program at Deutsche Telekom, respectively. There are further employment tracks via dedicated dual or working student learning schemes. If you think you will thrive in this unique environment and can walk the talk with us, we would like to hear from you.

<h2 class="">Enthusiastic about the power of open collaboration</h2>

We’re aiming for faster innovation and greater cost efficiency

Towards this goal we need to work together to accelerate development of solutions with interoperable components based on open standard interfaces. This is not an easy task, and one that requires the perseverance to overcome setbacks. But together, we will get there with an unbeatable network of partners, supporters and developers!

Do you have the i14y mindset?

Support our mission to pioneer an open, interoperable telco ecosystem – and work side by side with experts and innovators of the telco industry.