Server Room
Guided Tour Station #1

The 24 server rack “Technical Heart” of the i14y Lab.


Here, devices can be installed and interconnected for testing.


The interoperability/conformity of the components is tested against testplans during plugfests or standalone device tests - this can be done on-site, remotely or both.

<h2 class="">Server Room<br/>Guided Tour Station #1</h2>

Server Room & Facts
Guided Tour Station #1

Average temperature is 22° Celsius

This accommodates 25 Server Racks


Size of the Entrance Hall = 6x15 meters

Size of the courtyard = 40x25 meters

Server Room | Allocation of rack row 1 to current projects
Guided Tour Station #1

Allocation of rack row 1 to current projects

<h3 class="">Server Room | Allocation of rack row 1 to current projects<br/>Guided Tour Station #1</h3>
Server Lab & server
Guided Tour Station #1

The Connectivity Box connects individual components and ensures connectivity to the outside.

Server Lab & server <br/>Guided Tour Station #1
Chill-Out Kitchen
Guided Tour Station #2

An informal meeting area to create and exchange ideas.


In addition, of course, you can eat and drink together here as well.

Chill-Out Kitchen<br/>Guided Tour Station #2
What topic or problem does the demo address | solve?
Software Defined-RAN
Guided Tour Station #3

The demo presents an O-RAN Mobility Load Balancing use case in a 5G actual scenario, where the load of Radio Units (i.e.,the number of UEs attached to it) can be balanced by an application. Load balancing can be critical to achieve the needed performance requirements of UEs. An UE, User Equipment. is a commercial handset. This development is in collaboration with ONF.


An application can oversee the status of the amount of UEs connected to a Radio Unit (RU) and balance such load among the RUs. This is enabled via a closed control loop between the RAN equipment (i.e., O-RAN CU) and the near real time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) where the application performs its operations.

Software Defined-RAN<br/>Guided Tour Station #3
Description of the setting and the requirements
Software Defined-RAN
Guided Tour Station #3

The current setup is maintained inside i14y lab, visible by two indoor Radio Units (RU) and a cellphone. The other local RAN components (DU) are hosted in the lab/server room and on a local edge cloud site. Further key components (5G Core) run in a centralized Google Cloud instance.

The components are executed via software interfaces, remotely accessible.

All the needed equipment is already in place.

Software Defined-RAN<br/>Guided Tour Station #3
Office Space
Guided Tour Station #4

An area to implement openness in real life. Working together in a like-minded environment.


Also, with the opportunity to book private meeting rooms for those confidential conversations. 



30 fully equipped workstations

5 Meeting Rooms

  • 3 Rooms that can host up to 8 people
  • 2 Rooms that can host 3-4 people
Office Space <br/>Guided Tour Station #4
Open Space
Guided Tour Station #5

A flexible platform for short presentations, discussions, meetings or simply to relax.

Open Space<br/>Guided Tour Station #5
Organization Space
Guided Tour Station #6

The area where those that keep the i14y Lab running by taking care of organization, communication, community management and web platform work together.


Up to four people constantly work here to assure smooth operations.

Organization Space<br/>Guided Tour Station #6
Entrance Hall
Guided Tour Station #7

The i14y Lab Event space.


The entrance hall contains a videowall for interviews and photoshootings. Small events can be hostet here.


For larger events, other rooms from our neighboring lab hub:raum next door can also be used.

Entrance Hall<br/>Guided Tour Station #7
hub:raum 5G Garage
Guided Tour Station #8

Space from our partner hub:raum which can also be used for larger events.

hub:raum 5G Garage<br/>Guided Tour Station #8
Courtyard | Outdoor Lab
Guided Tour Station #9

Environment for outdoor testing with various installations that are mounted on poles and are directly connected to the lab.

Courtyard | Outdoor Lab<br/>Guided Tour Station #9